LastPass: A Browser-Based Password Tool That Works

Reviewer: Scott W.
Site: LastPass
Pricing: Free for personal use
Rating: 8/10

     There are a lot of password aggregation tools out there, each with their own pros and cons.  LastPass takes a lot of the hassle out of password management and makes security easy to use.

     The signup and installation are downright easy, just set up a master password to secure your keys, validate your e-mail and add the extension to your browser, and as you type in passwords it will prompt you to add them to your vault if you have not already done so.

     Where LastPass shines is in its ability to let you know when you have a password that is less secure than it could be (easy to guess, used in multiple places, etc.). From there, LastPass can attempt to generate a new password and apply it to the web pages.

     With extensions for all the big name browsers and apps for Android and Apple operating systems, this is a security application that is a breeze.


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