GIMP: A Free Photoshop Alternative

Reviewer: Scott W.
Pricing: Free
Rating: 7/10

     Let me start off by saying that I am not a very creative man.  Once in a great while, I need to repair or otherwise modify a photo someone sends me.  For someone like me, shelling out the money for a full license of Adobe PhotoShop is not a good use of resources.

    Enter GIMP, a free image manipulation tool that has more features than I could ever hope to use.  Where it falls a bit for me is that the interface isn't readily intuitive for a newbie, but with a few hours messing around, and a few fantastic YouTube tutorials I was doing things I never thought I would do.

     If you are are just looking to add sepia tones to your pics, GIMP may be overkill for you, but if you take image manipulation seriously, GIMP is a serious contender as top dog.

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